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Umbo used his Sandberg California UMBO Siganture Bass with Aguilar AG 4J-60 pickups and Elixir cables.
He recorded direct into Logic.

Umbo is currently touring with Paul Young. He has recorded and/or performed with: ABC, Nik Kershaw, Cathy Battistessa, Gregor Meyle, Bobby Kimball and Chris Thompson.


"Well how to put in a few words how massive these pedals changed my life and sound? I can finally get down to some serious octaves with slides and pulls - even vibrato! I finally get a creamy overdive without loosing my presence and I got a funky twin brother filtering my inspiration through groove and time. God I love these pedals!" - UMBO

Joe Trent - The Crash Moderns

Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas

From the moment of plugging in, I couldn't believe it!! Straight out of the box it sounded great and it doesn't lose any low end! I recorded straight into protools (no outboard gear used so you can hear the difference the pedal makes). I used a '72 Gibson Grabber. The first riff of each track is the direct tone, through the pedal, without it engaged...followed by the same riff with the pedal engaged. Wow! - Nathan Thomas

Nashville session musician, road warrior, Shahnaz (Warner Bros. Records).

Dave Boonshoft & Stu Brooks

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