Chris Donohue  

"After years of trying different amps, I was so glad to finally come home to Aguilar. I love the tonal shaping of the cabinets - the low end punchy and warm, the top end controlled and tasteful - and the flexibility and responsiveness of the amps. Even at medium volumes I feel like I can just sit back and ride on the tone with plenty of power still in reserve. The Octamizer and Filter Twin are unquestionably the best pedals in their class and the overdrive on my AG500 burns its way right through a track. As for construction - all the Ag gear is absolutely bulletproof."

Gear: Tone Hammer 500, Tone Hammer 350, AG 500, SL 112, DB 212, S 210, GS 112, Filter Twin, Octamizer, AG 4P-Hot, AG 4J-Hot, AG 4M
Credits: Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Collective Soul, Solomon Burke, Jars Of Clay

American Eclectic with Chris Donohue

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