Denholm Harding  
Denholm Harding

"I saw Aguilar for the first time in New York in 1998 at a music shop off Time Square and the elegance of the gear blew me away!

Cut to 2011 and I now have the GS 410 cab with the AG500 head which is ideal for most club settings - punchy and defined.

Then I received two DB 212 cabs with the monstrous DB 751 head. There is no venue or situation it cannot cover! Built like a tank and delivers a rich, complex sound without over colouring the tone of my bass. I use it exclusively in the studio as well for that round, warm valve tone. "

Gear: DB 751, DB 212 (2)
Credits: Just Jinjer, Clout, Danny K, Kabelo, Jesse Clegg, Sugababes
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