Jeff Denson  
Jeff Denson

"I couldn't be happier with my Aguilar TH500 and my SL112! This rig gives me all the power I need and more, for both my double and electric basses. Whether I'm playing pizzicato or arco, my Aguilar amplifies my double bass accurately, giving me the depth of tone and clarity that I need without coloring the sound of my bass. It also sounds amazing with my electric bass by providing me with a deep warm bass tone while at the same time having a great punchy clear attack that allows me to cut through the sound of the band. Sonically this amp is incredibly versatile and its exactly what I've been looking for to suite my diverse musical needs. Another thing that I absolutely love about this rig is that it is so incredibly light and easily portable; this is something that goes through my mind every time I pick it up! Lastly, it looks great too!"

Gear: Tone Hammer 500, SL 112, Tone Hammer, Filter Twin, Chorusaurus, Octamizer, AG 4J-HC
Credits: Jeff Denson Trio + Lee Konitz, Jeff Denson's Secret World, Electreo, Lee Konitz New Quartet, Full Professor at the California Jazz Conservatory
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