Matt Smallbone  
Matt Smallbone

"My introduction to all things Aguilar came when a DB 750 and an array of 412 cabinets were back lined for a show in Budapest, Hungary. I could feel air moving and hear great tone all of the way up the neck of my P-bass. It blew my mind. This Aguilar gear could actually do what I always imagined a bass rig should do. The thing that I like best about my Aguilar gear (and I acknowledge that this is geeky) are the blending options I get by using the DIs on the DB 751 and the Tone Hammer simultaneously. Tough meets awesome!"

Gear: DB 751, DB 412, Tone Hammer, TLC, Filter Twin, AGRO, AG 5J-60 pickups
Credits: Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St James, Alabaster Box
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