Nate Query  
Nate Query

"I started using Aguilar because it was so hard to find a rig that sounds equally good for upright and electric. My rig has changed so that I now use separate rigs for each bass, but still, what I love about Aguilar is that what you put in is what you get, and if you want to dial in more of something, there is plenty of room for that, too. I use it on tour in big rooms, and then use a 500 with a 1x12 or the DB285 for small gigs at home. Both rigs sounds great and work well in any size room."

Gear: AG 500, AG 500SC (2),GS 410, GS 212 (2), GS 112 DB 285JC, DB 900, Tone Hammer, Octamizer, AG 4J-60 Pickups
Credits: Black Prairie, The Decemberists
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