Richard Hammond  
Richard Hammond

"Aguliar makes amplification that delivers the perfect combination of old-school warmth and the very best of the modern aesthetic- fat and warm bottom and tasty top end. Live, it's really versatile and fits whatever gig I'm playing, in whatever setting, electric or acoustic bass.

In the studio Aguilar is amazing: I've used all manner of Aguilar Amp/Speaker Cab combinations over the years. The Tone Hammer has proven to be essential, and the distortion channel on the AG500 is unbeatable. To top it all off- the Aguilar team are a stellar and reliable collection of folks!"

Gear: DB 750, GS 410 (2), GS 210, AG500, Tone Hammer (2), DB900, Octamizer, AGRO, Filter Twin, and AG4J-60
Credits: Joan Osborne, Raul Midón, Erasure, Angelique Kidjo, Jonatha Brook, Bob Moses, Marshall Crenshaw
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