DB 751 Sound Clips And Sample Settings

Adam Nitti - Part I

My Curbow Jazz bass is an 'active' instrument, while the 75 Jazz, is 'passive'. I wanted folks to hear both active and passive versions of a Jazz bass.

Adam Nitti DB751

I played the DB 751 through a DB 410 cabinet, and miked it with an Audio Technica ATM 250 microphone. The tweeter on the DB 410 was set at 12 o'clock, or 50%.

These two settings are what I used for all the sound clips...for the "flat" clips, the EQ controls were all set to flat. For the "EQ'ed" clips, I cut the bass and boosted the treble, and also enabled the bright switch. - Adam Nitti

Adam's Credits: Steven Curtis Chapman, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, The Dave Weckl Band, Susan Tedeschi, Phil Keaggy

Adam Nitti - Part II

Adam Nitti DB751

For part II of Adam Nitti's DB 751 sound clips he used the same DB 410 cabinet and microphone as part I. To show off the versatility of the DB 751 Adam used a variety of EQ settings with four new basses.

See the settings in the player on the right.

Kent Hollow Body, P Bass, TRB 5, and Warrior 6 - DI, EQ & Flat.

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