Octamizer™ Sound Clips and Sample Settings


Agroctamize - recorded with a Sandberg California UMBO Siganture Bass with Aguilar AG 4J-60 pickups and Elixir cables.

Playhouse - recorded with a Sandberg California JM fretless using the M pickup only and Elixir cables.

Umbo recorded both tracks direct into Logic.

Umbo is currently touring with Paul Young. He has recorded and/or performed with: ABC, Nik Kershaw, Cathy Battistessa, Gregor Meyle, Bobby Kimball and Chris Thompson.


"Well how to put in a few words how massive these pedals changed my life and sound? I can finally get down to some serious octaves with slides and pulls - even vibrato! I finally get a creamy overdive without loosing my presence and I got a funky twin brother filtering my inspiration through groove and time. God I love these pedals!" - UMBO

Steve Jenkins

Steve Jenkins - Octamizer

"The Octamizer has a wider range of sonic possibilities than other octave pedals. I also love how well it tracks!" - Steve Jenkins

Steve recorded these samples with his Fender Jazz bass direct into Logic.

Steve has recorded and played with numerous artists such as David Fiuczynski, Vernon Reid and Ingrid Michaelson

Tony Grey

Tony recorded these samples with his Fretted and Fretless 6 string Fodera basses direct into Logic.

Tony Grey - Octamizer

"I love the tone and clarity the Octamizer gives me, when I'm looking for the next level in the moment it's right there. The tracking and depth is amazing" - Tony Grey

Tony has toured the world with John McLaughlin, Hiromi, and The Tony Grey Project

Dave Boonshoft & Jonathan Maron

Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney is a first call session musician in LA with credits that include: Alanis Morrisette, Janes Addiction, and Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders, Michael Landau Group, The Panic Channel, and Camp Freddy.

Chris recorded these samples with his Lakland Bob Glaub P-bass into Protools.

Chris Kuffner

"I recorded these clips with my ’64 P-Bass and a Tone Hammer. From the Tone Hammer’s XLR out, I went into a Vintech 273 Mic Pre and then into Digi 003 with Pro Tools 8." - Chris Kuffner

Chris Huffner

Chris’ credits include Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor.

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