The Fender Precision® bass provided the big, round tone found in almost every hit song from the 60's.

Sitting deep in the track and providing the forward motion in almost every hit song from the 60's is the big, round tone of the classic Fender Precision® bass. To create a pickup with that much vibe and feel, we studied the pickups from Aguilar's Dave Boonshoft's personal 1963 and 64 Precision basses.

The AG 4P-60 pickups use all the period correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. These pickups have just the right amount of mid-range "nose" to cut through a loud rock band and give all the deep support one would expect from a great 60's P-bass pickup.

The AG 4P-60 are direct replacements for Precision Bass® style basses.

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Wire: Heavy Formvar, 42 gauge

Magnets: Alnico V

Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

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  • Mike Lull

    "The AG 4P-60 has thunder on the low end, a nice crunch on the top, and that complex, low-mid punch that a lot of other P-bass pickups just don’t have. They are very true to that ‘60’s P-bass tone and I’m enjoying them a lot!"

    Mike Lull - Mike Lull Guitars

  • Paul Sips

    "It’s easy: if you’re looking for replacement pickups for your old or new Jazz bass the Aguilars are the ones you should try."

    Paul Sips - Paul’s Bass Matters

  • Dave Boonshoft

    "Aguilar 60's and 70's Pickups capture the classic sounds of the Fender bass." they will accurately bring out the dynamics and resonances in your bass."

    Dave Boonshoft, President - Aguilar Amplification

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